Needless to Say, I Love You J

We may be away
In terms of miles
I may not be able to spend too much time with you
I don’t get to fuss over you like your parents do
But that doesn’t diminish the relationship that we share
Just look into my eyes and you will know that i really care
To have a niece like you
I call myself lucky
You’re more like daughter than a niece
Delicate like a flower
Beautiful like a sunset
My dear niece, you’re
The best person that i’ve met
Gentle like a lamb
Tender like a soft pillow
You’re among the best
People that i know
Soothing like white sand
Fresh like morning dew
You know in my heart, you have a big piece
You stand out above the rest
For me, you always pass the test
My darling niece, you are the life of every family party
Without you, the family would be so incomplete
My dearest niece
Love shines through you for all to see
I’m in awe that you’re a part of me
In my heart, you allways have a special seat.

Whenever your dad grounds you
Whenever your mom scolds you
Whenever your teachers punish you
Whenever your friend tease you
Always remember that you have
An uncle who is waiting to hug you!
(suatu saat jika kau (Alvira Jasmin Ananta) sudah besar, ingatlah!)


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